ICLE | Tax Law Series: An Inside Look into the IRS Appeals Process
Tax Law Series:
An Inside Look into the IRS Appeals Process
On-Demand Seminar (Posted 02/15/16) | CLE: 0.75 | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Taxation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Contesting a case through IRS Appeals is one of the most efficient, cost-effective, and practical ways to resolve a controversy with the IRS. Get an insider's perspective on the appeals process, including how to work with the appeals officer, resolve ongoing tax controversies favorably, and avoid common mistakes.

Watch and learn to:

  • Develop an approach to resolve ongoing tax controversies favorably
  • Uncover faulty assumptions and factual misunderstandings during the preappeals conference
  • Resolve issues based on the hazards of litigation
  • Raise valuation-related issues successfully
  • Improve your position with well-developed factual issues in your protest
  • Identify potential remedies based on the posture of the case
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Eric Nemeth and IRS Appeals Officer (AO) Laura Buus discuss how the AO handles a...
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