Homeward Bound 2013-2014
Presented 11/05/13 | Webcast
Real estate developers are rebounding from the down economy and multi-family and manufactured housing projects are on the rise. Learn how to structure these deals no matter who you represent, what forms to use, and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Presented 12/05/13 | Webcast
Obtaining legal opinions in a commercial real estate transaction present a variety of unique legal issues. Explore the basic clauses to be included in real estate opinion letters, limitations of opinions, and guidelines for their preparation.

Presented 02/06/14 | Webcast
Gain foundational knowledge of insurance law for commercial real estate transactions. Learn about duties to defend and indemnify, explore coverage, indemnity provisions, financial issues, and evidence of insurance, and receive expert tips for litigation.

Presented 05/01/14 | Webcast
Assess the merits of an appraisal with insight from practitioners and valuation experts. Understand factors that contribute to value of a property. Learn best practices for using appraisals in your transactional or litigation practice.

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