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No-Fault Summit, 5th Annual
04/26-27/18, Plymouth
See why Michigan lawyers like Robert E. Logeman, author of ICLE’s no-fault book, think you...
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Income Tax Planning for Family LPs, LLCs, and Disregarded Entities
05/16/18, Acme

Probate & Estate Planning Institute, 58th Annual
05/17-19/18, Acme; 06/14-15/18, Plymouth

Tax Conference, 31st Annual
05/24/18, Plymouth

The Lawyer-Paralegal Team: Effective Workflow to Maximize Efficiency
05/03/18, Plymouth

Homeward Bound 2017-2018: Marijuana Legalization and Real Property Law
05/03/18, Plymouth

On-Demand Seminars
See a quick preview of this new online training program....
Posted date 04/11/18
Zach Hallman, Angie Martell, and David Blanchard discuss staffing an employment law office....
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Valerie A. Kutz-Otway
Valerie Kutz-Otway PLC
Valerie Kutz-Otway concentrates her solo practice in the areas of family law, probate litigation, and estate planning, with a special emphasis on assisting persons with disabilities or mental illness. She is a member of the Probate and Estate Planning,...
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