ICLE | Masters in Litigation: Trials - Tips, Tactics, and Practical Tales
Masters in Litigation: Trials - Tips, Tactics, and Practical Tales
03/30/17 Plymouth | CLE: 6 | Level: Intermediate
Sponsored by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Take Your Trial Skills to the Next Level

Back by popular demand! Michael P. Cash returns to Michigan to take your already proven abilities as a trial lawyer and bring you to the next level of success in the courtroom.

You've likely seen dozens of trial instructors, but you haven’t seen anybody like Cash. He is that rare advocate who loves trial, loves sharing his tactics and techniques, and is a superstar at both.

Discover how Cash’s timing and gift for delivery--developed in his prior life as a stand-up comic--are integral aspects of his presentation technique, both at trial and as a seminar leader. His tips, tactics, and tales--all from actual trials where they were successfully (and sometimes unsuccessfully!) employed--will drive you to achieve winning results.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn pretrial tips that allow you to shut down your opponent at trial
  • Develop high-impact openings
  • Expertly conduct direct witness examinations to hold a jury's attention
  • Return to the courtroom with decisive cross-examination skills, sure to unravel a witness
  • Understand how to create and use showstopping demonstrative evidence
  • Deliver powerful closing arguments that will move the jury to action
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