ICLE | Litigation Section Summer Conference 2014
Litigation Section Summer Conference 2014
| CLE: 5.75 | Level: Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Get Powerful Tools to Increase Your Persuasiveness

The best lawyers agree: without skilled delivery, even the most persuasive arguments can fail. In this entertaining and compelling program, David C. Mann focuses on the goal of persuading juries and engaging witnesses by presenting complex material with the ease of a conversation.

With concepts drawn from his successful career in performance public speaking and as a valued trial prep advisor to attorneys across the country, Mr. Mann will provide you with tools for powerful, engaging presentations, opening statements, and direct and cross examination. Take away sound methods for more complete depositions, stronger closing arguments, and more illuminating client interviews.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn to incorporate persuasive storytelling into your opening statements
  • Enhance your ability to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively
  • Understand how to translate complex legal jargon into plain language
  • Gain the ability to construct powerful stories that illustrate critical aspects of your case
  • Consider ways to engage the jury with more than a simple fact recitation
  • Get tips on using body language and vocal inflection to strengthen your message
  • Discover how to project confidence while remaining flexible
  • Incorporate effective methods of rehearsal into your trial preparation
  • Enjoy great networking and relaxation with your friends and colleagues
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