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E-Discovery and Employment Law Workshop
04/09/14 Plymouth | CLE: 3.25 | Level: Intermediate

Effectively Manage E-Discovery in Your Next Employment Law Case

This perfect companion to the 39th Annual Labor & Employment Law Institute has everything you need to effectively handle e-discovery in your labor law practice.

The volume of electronic communication in employment law cases has made the e-discovery process incredibly challenging—until now. Simplify and manage the process with tips from top experts and a federal magistrate. Using a mock case and sample documents—including a sample litigation hold notice, sample 26(f) meet-and-confer, and sample requests to produce—get step-by-step guidance on your most pressing e-discovery issues like preservation, spoliation production, and review.

Learn to:

  • Develop protocols for efficiently preserving relevant ESI
  • Customize your document requests to ensure you get the ESI you need
  • Craft search protocols for electronic devices
  • Work with opposing counsel to ensure proportionality and cost-shifting measures
  • Understand predictive coding and when to bring in an expert for document review
  • Implement review policies and software for the mainstream employment case
  • Use the new Model ESI Discovery Order from the US District Court
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