ICLE | 22nd Annual Drafting Estate Planning Documents
22nd Annual Drafting Estate Planning Documents
| CLE: 6 | Level: Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan
Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program Elective Seminar

Respond to Rapid Change and Rev Up Your Document Drafting

From the new durable power of attorney statute to estate tax portability; from transfers of real estate in and out of trust to drafting trusts in conjunction with a divorce judgment, estate planning is changing rapidly and in profound ways. Get the latest drafting strategies from the experts and get your forms in tip-top shape. This perennially popular and valuable program informs you of the changes in the law and gives you sample forms that you can put to use today.

Learn to:

  • Enhance your durable powers of attorney in light of Michigan’s new statute
  • Distinguish grantor trust rules and estate tax rules
  • Draft a workable statement of trust purposes and priorities
  • Effectively address awkward topics with your clients and tailor their documents to match
  • Coordinate pre- or postnuptial language with a client’s trust
  • Use defined value clauses to gift or sell closely-held business interests
  • Navigate title insurance and uncapping issues when transferring real estate in and out of trust
  • Take specific steps to exonerate trustees and other professionals
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Certificate Program Participants: You may earn credit toward your Probate and Estate Planning Certificate for up to five seminars by watching live and on-demand webcasts.
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