ICLE | 2013 Litigation Section Summer Conference
2013 Litigation Section Summer Conference
07/26-27/13 Mackinac Island | CLE: 5.5 | Level: Intermediate
Sponsored by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Master the Art of Deposition Cross-Examination

Deposition cross-examination is the most important teachable skill in civil litigation. This single skill has the greatest impact on the quality of your depositions and the outcome of your case, at settlement and trial. Spend a day with Robert Musante, the nation's foremost teacher of deposition rules and tactics. Learn how to recognize and attack question-dodging and truth-dodging by even the most brilliant and wily of adverse witnesses, Bill Clinton.

This highly-entertaining presentation utilizes video clips from sessions where Bill Clinton was cross-examined: on "60 Minutes," in the Paula Jones case, and before Kenneth Starr’s grand jury. Clinton’s politics are irrelevant to the teaching points, and thus are completely ignored. He was selected because he was extremely well-prepared, well-represented, and motivated to dodge and deceive. You’ll not likely depose a more challenging fact witness.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Develop critical listening ("word-hawking") skills
  • Uncover strategies for attacking the "I don’t remember" response
  • Understand the purpose of the admonition and how to use it to both attack and craft arguments
  • Expertly identify the "two answers for one question" response and implement techniques to elicit one answer per question
  • Get tips to exploit a witness’s self-serving word choices
  • Understand when to save impeachment surprise for trial
  • Recognize the sometimes subtle difference between responsive and non-responsive answers
  • Control windy responses and running out the "deposition clock"
  • Enjoy great networking and relaxation with your friends and colleagues
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