What to Expect: Moderate an On-Demand Seminar

What Is an On-Demand Seminar?

An on-demand seminar is a recorded presentation providing insight and advice on legal trends, trusted guidance on law practice issues, and explanation of new laws and their practice implications. On-Demand Seminars often have a moderator and several panelists, though the format may vary according to the topic. They are usually no more than one hour long.

Benefits of Moderating an On-Demand Seminar

  • Stand out in front of thousands of Michigan lawyers
  • Boost your credentials and be recognized as an expert
  • Share your unique perspective
  • Link to a preview clip of the completed seminar on your firm website

Contact with ICLE Staff

  • An ICLE staff lawyer will
    • explain the process to you in detail;
    • work with you to plan your on-demand seminar and associated materials, as well as to plan specific elements of the presentation, including your moderator “hook,” transitions, and takeaways; and
    • send you a link to the on-demand seminar once it is posted on the ICLE website.
  • An ICLE staff member will request your biography and high-resolution photo for the ICLE website.
  • Feel free to contact the ICLE staff lawyer working with you at any point during the process if you have questions.

Time Commitment

Moderating an On-Demand Seminar involves preparation of the recorded presentation as well as the seminar materials. The moderator is especially integral to the process and should expect to spend more time than the presenters. Specifically, the moderator is responsible for taking the lead on the rough script for the presentation and for guiding the presenters through the recorded discussion. You should expect to participate in two or three conference calls with the other presenters and the ICLE staff lawyer working with you, as well as to prepare the script, circulate questions, and draft your moderator “hook,” transitions, and takeaways. On recording day, we will spend three to four hours reviewing and doing final preparations and then recording the seminar.