What to Expect: Present at a Live Event

What Is a Live Event?

ICLE Live Events are in-person programs that provide Michigan lawyers with expert insight and advice. Participants get up-to-date coverage of legal trends, trusted guidance on law practice issues, and explanation of new laws and their practice implications. A moderator introduces the program and the other presenters, and often acts as a co-presenter. Live Events vary in length from three hours to one or two days. Presenters speak on their assigned topic for a specific length of time as determined by both the presenter and the ICLE lawyer.

Benefits of Presenting at a Live Event

  • Get your face in front of thousands of Michigan lawyers
  • Boost your credentials and be recognized as an expert
  • Share your unique perspective
  • Get featured on our website or print brochures
  • Get immediate feedback from audience members about your presentation

Contact with ICLE Staff

  • An ICLE lawyer will
    • explain the process to you in detail,
    • work with you to plan your presentation and associated materials, and
    • send you the audience evaluation scores and comments following the program.
  • An ICLE staff member will request your biography and high-resolution photo for the ICLE website.
  • Feel free to contact the ICLE lawyer working with you at any point during the process if you have questions.

Time Commitment

Live Events involve preparation of the live presentation as well as the seminar materials. You should expect one or two conference calls with the ICLE staff lawyer working with you to discuss the content of your presentation, including development of the seminar’s goals and learning objectives. Additional calls may be necessary to coordinate with co-presenters.