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Hon. Travis M. Reeds

52nd District Court
Novi, Michigan

Criminal Law Advisory Board Member
Hon. Travis M. Reeds is a judge of the 52nd District Court, in Novi. Before his election to the court in November 2014, he practiced in a variety of areas, specializing in criminal defense with a particular emphasis on drunk driving. Judge Reeds is a graduate of Wayne State University Law School and had practiced with his father since his admission to the bar in 1997. He has lectured for the Oakland County Bar Association regarding driver's license restoration and drunk driving. As a candidate for the United States Congress in 1998 in the 11th District, Judge Reeds was one of the youngest persons ever to obtain a party's nomination at the minimum age of 25. He has contributed extensively to ICLE by conducting seminars, authoring book chapters and several How-To Kits, and participating in Top Tips in Ten Minutes.

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