ICLE Live Event Safety Measures

The safety of our customers, contributors, and staff is our top priority. You can count on us to take every measure to ensure a great, safe event. We’ll be strictly adhering to CDC, state, and local guidelines.

Feel free to contact us with any questions: 877-229-4350 (M-F 8:00am-5:00pm) or icle@umich.edu.

Upcoming Events
Visit ICLE’s seminar store page for a list of events.


Healthy Staff and Contributors
Everyone staffing and presenting at the event will be required to complete a health questionnaire each day. No one will be allowed entrance if they are sick.

Masks Worn by Staff and Contributors
Anyone staffing our events will be required to wear a mask to protect you. Contributors will wear masks when not actively presenting.

Social Distancing
We are working closely with our facilities to ensure everyone’s ability to maintain the recommended social distance, including securing additional space at each facility. Our plans address: arrival, check-in, seating for the sessions, meals, sponsor/exhibitor area, transitions between sessions, and other typical interactions at our events. You will be able to distance yourself from others.

Host facilities will follow CDC and state sanitation guidelines in both the conference space and hotel rooms.

Modified Food Service
Host facilities will follow CDC and state guidelines, including use of prepackaged food, bottled drinks, and coffee poured in advance.

New On-Site Check-In Process
We are taking precautions to ensure the check-in process minimizes or avoids contact to maximize safety. Additionally, walk-in registration may not be available or be limited.

Limited In-Person Attendance
Attendance numbers will be determined by the most current guidelines for indoor gatherings. In the event that registrations exceed the allowed in-person attendance, spots will be given in the order in which the registrations were received. You will be alerted via email if your registration status needs to change for any reason.


Bring and Wear a Mask
Except when eating or drinking, please wear a mask to protect yourself and others. If you do not have a mask, ICLE will have masks available.

Stay Home If You Don’t Feel Well
If you need to cancel at the last minute due to illness, we will work with you to waive any cancellation penalties.

Clean Your Hands Frequently
Hand sanitizing stations will be accessible throughout the facility.

Complete a Confidential Health Questionnaire
To help us facilitate contact tracing and ensure that attendees are well upon arrival, you will be asked to complete a brief health screening questionnaire.

Give Space to Others
Please observe best practices and give space to others whenever possible. Visual reminders will help you throughout the day.

Note: This information is subject to change as the state of Michigan updates its executive orders and as additional guidance is provided by our event facilities.