Top Partnership Resources for Real Property Lawyers

Frame your issue correctly—with authoritative legal analysis from Michigan experts. Continually updated books link to primary law. Sample books/chapters:
Construction Liens in Michigan
Chapter 4: Creating and Perfecting the Construction Lien
Michigan Basic Practice Handbook
Chapter 5: Sale of a Home
Michigan Lease Drafting and Landlord-Tenant Law
Chapter 6: Summary Proceedings to Recover Possession of Premises
Michigan Real Estate Practice and Forms
Chapter 5: Land Contracts
Michigan Residential Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 3: Purchase Agreements
Chapter 10: Condominiums and Cooperatives
Michigan Zoning, Planning, and Land Us
Chapter 2: Preparing and Presenting a Land Use Case to a Municipality
Real Property Taxes in Michigan
Chapter 3: Property Tax Appeals in Michigan

Save time with a searchable bank of 2,400+ lawyer-drafted forms. Forms can be downloaded and edited, and include commentary from Michigan practitioners.
Affidavit Noticing a Correction in a Property Description
Answer, Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaim, and Jury Demand of Tenant
Grant of Driveway Easement
Land Contract—Residential (Pro-Seller)
Lease (Residential With Multiple Tenants)
Lease—Commercial—Net Lease
Lease—Residential—State Required Notices
Lease—Residential—with Inventory Checklist and Itemized List of Damages
Pro-Seller Residential Real Estate Purchase Agreement
Quitclaim Deed from a Married Couple

Proceed confidently with step-by-step guidance from Michigan practitioners. They cover hundreds of common transactions and include links to helpful forms.
Appeal a Commercial or Industrial Property Tax Assessment
Evict a Residential Tenant for Nonpayment
Foreclose a Mortgage by Advertisement
Protect a Construction Lien Claimant’s Rights (Commercial)
Record a Document with the Register of Deeds
Review a Commitment for Title Insurance (Residential Sale)
Review a Residential Land Contract
Review an Office Lease
Understand Seller Disclosure Requirements for Residential Property

Get succinct advice that you can immediately put into practice. Michigan experts provide valuable insight on practical topics.
Appealing a Residential Real Property Tax Assessment
Avoiding Gaps in Commercial Property Insurance
Avoiding Pitfalls in Negotiating a Tenant’s Commercial Lease
Handling a Short Sale on Residential Property
Handling Commercial Real Estate Transactions
How to Avoid Uncapping Property Tax Assessments
Navigating Title Insurance

Avoid critical missteps and stay on task. These handy, practice-tested checklists ensure you cover all bases and provide helpful commentary.
Creation of a Site Condominium
Preparing to Handle a Land Use Matter Before a Municipality
Residential Leases
Closing Checklist—Residential Real Estate (Commonly Used Documents)
Commercial Leasing
Drafting for Purchase Agreements
Financing Document—Lender Financing
Land Contract Review

Keep up to date and watch 175+ seminars at your convenience. Michigan practitioners provide practical insight on new developments and the hottest issues.
Handling Boundary Disputes
Handle Real Estate Transactions During COVID-19
Land Contract Disputes
Land Use Update
Negotiating and Drafting Land Contracts
Negotiate Shopping Center Leases
Register of Deeds Issues
Trends and Best Practices in Commercial Leasing


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