Top Partnership Resources for Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers

Frame your issue correctly—with authoritative legal analysis from Michigan experts. Continually updated books link to primary law. Sample books/chapters:
Advising Clients on Elder and Disability Law
Chapter 5: Guardianships and Conservatorships
Drafting the Michigan Trust
Chapter 3: Directed and Divided Trusteeships
Chapter 7: Drafting the Revocable Grantor Trust
Chapter 9: Advanced Trust Planning
Chapter 10: Retirement Planning Trusts
Estate Administration in Michigan
Chapter 4: Informal Proceedings and Unsupervised Administration
Informal Estate Proceedings in Michigan
Chapter 6: The Inventory and Accounts
Michigan Basic Practice Handbook
Chapter 3: Basic Estate Planning and Drafting
Chapter 4: Administering Decedents’ Estates
Michigan Estate Planning Handbook
Chapter 2: Tax Considerations
Chapter 12: Using Revocable Grantor Trusts
Michigan Guardianship and Conservatorship Handbook
Chapter 2: Establishing Guardianships of Incapacitated Individuals
Michigan Medicaid Planning Handbook
Chapter 6: Common Strategies in Medicaid Planning
Michigan Probate Benchbook
Chapter 1: Decedent Estate Proceedings: Unsupervised Administration
Chapter 6: Minor Guardianship Proceedings
Michigan Probate Litigation
Chapter 3: Practice and Procedure in Probate Litigation
Trust Administration Under the Michigan Trust Code
Chapter 2: Trustee Duties and Liabilities

Save time with a searchable bank of 2,400+ lawyer-drafted forms. Forms can be downloaded and edited, and include commentary from Michigan practitioners.
Certificate of Trust
Enhanced Life Estate or Lady Bird Deed – Transfer to Revocable Grantor Trust
Fiduciary Deed for Personal Representative
Joint Trust for Married Couple Without a Taxable Estate (from Revocable Trust with Alternate Provisions)
Patient Advocate Designation
Power of Attorney Statute: EPIC Versus UPOAA
Revocable Grantor Trust with Alternate Provisions
Simple Will (from Will with Alternate Provisions)
Warranty Deed with Retained Life Estate (Lady Bird Deed) Pursuant to Michigan Land Title Standards 6th 9.3
Will with Alternate Provisions

Proceed confidently with step-by-step guidance from Michigan practitioners. They cover hundreds of common transactions and include links to helpful forms.
Administer a Decedent’s Estate—Unsupervised Administration
Appoint a Guardian for a Minor
Appoint a Guardian for an Incapacitated Individual
Appoint a Personal Representative in a Formal Proceeding
Appoint a Personal Representative in an Informal Proceeding

Close an Estate Using the Sworn Statement Procedure
Draft a Cottage Trust
Draft a Durable Power of Attorney
Draft a Patient Advocate Designation
Probate a Small Estate

Get succinct advice that you can immediately put into practice. Michigan experts provide valuable insight on practical topics.
Administering Special Needs Trusts
Advising the Personal Representative for an Intestate Estate
Drafting a Durable Power of Attorney
Drafting an Asset Protection Trust
Drafting a Trust
Drafting Special Needs Trusts
Estate Planning for Athletes
How to Avoid Uncapping Property Tax Assessments
Locating Heirs and Other Beneficiaries
Real Estate Issue Spotting for Estate Planners

Avoid critical missteps and stay on task. These handy, practice-tested checklists ensure you cover all bases and provide helpful commentary.
Appointment of a Guardian of an Incapacitated Individual
Closing Estates
Discuss with a Client Seeking a Durable Power of Attorney
Forms for Guardianships and Conservatorships
Initial Client Interview for Estate Planning
Items to Be Brought by Client to Initial Interview on a Probate Matter
Opening Probate Administration
Revocable Trust Components for a Small Estate

Keep up to date and watch 175+ seminars at your convenience. Michigan practitioners provide practical insight on new developments and the hottest issues.
Administer a Small Estate
Discovery Rules for Probate Litigation
Firearms in an Estate
Medicaid and Health Care Planning Update
Special Needs Trusts
Tax Law Basics for Probate and Estate Planning Attorneys
Uniform Power of Attorney Act: Execution and Drafting
Uniform Power of Attorney Act: Third Parties and Agents
Work with Lady Bird Deeds


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