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Frame your issue correctly—with authoritative legal analysis from Michigan experts. Continually updated books link to primary law. Sample books/chapters:
Advising Closely Held Businesses in Michigan
Chapter 3: Forming a Corporation
Chapter 4: Forming a Limited Liability Company
Handling the Collection Case in Michigan
Chapter 5: Filing Suits
Chapter 8: Case Evaluation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Michigan Business Formbook
Chapter 1: Corporations
Chapter 2: Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 11: Purchase and Sale of a Business
Michigan Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 2: Choosing the Appropriate Business Form
Chapter 4: The Operating Agreement
Michigan Security Interests in Personal Property
Chapter 5: Priority of Security Interests
Receiverships in Michigan
Chapter 2: Procedure for Imposition of Receiverships

Save time with a searchable bank of 2,400+ lawyer-drafted forms. Forms can be downloaded and edited, and include commentary from Michigan practitioners.
Asset Purchase Agreement for Business—Personal Property
Asset Purchase Agreement for Business—Personal Property and Real Estate
Bylaws (Annotated)
Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement
Dissolve a LLC
“Kitchen Sink” Operating Agreement for an LLC
Manager-Managed Operating Agreement
Member-Managed Operating Agreement
Promissory Note (Basic)
Promissory Note (with Alternative Provisions)
Stock/Membership Interest Purchase Agreement

Proceed confidently with step-by-step guidance from Michigan practitioners. They cover hundreds of common transactions and include links to helpful forms.
Amend Articles of Incorporation
Dissolve a Corporation
Dissolve a LLC
File a Complaint for Breach of Contract
Form a Business Corporation
Form a Multi-Member LLC
Form a Professional Corporation
Form a Single Member LLC

Get succinct advice that you can immediately put into practice. Michigan experts provide valuable insight on practical topics.
Advising Business Start-Up
Advising Clients about Investing in a Franchise
Advising Food Truck Operators
Avoiding Disputes within Closely Held Businesses
Crowdfunding Successfully
Drafting a Trust for Business Owner
Drafting Airtight Documents
Handling Commercial Real Estate Transaction
Protecting Employers’ Confidential Information from Misuse and Theft

Avoid critical missteps and stay on task. These handy, practice-tested checklists ensure you cover all bases and provide helpful commentary.
Closing for Asset Purchase Agreement
Closing for Stock/Membership Interest Purchase Agreement
Due Diligence for Purchase of Business
Financial Questions for New Entities
Organization for an LLC
Organization for Nonprofit Corporations

Keep up to date and watch 175+ seminars at your convenience. Michigan practitioners provide practical insight on new developments and the hottest issues.
Business Entity Update
Liquor Licenses 101
Navigate Noncompetes and Trade Secrets
Recreational Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization
Tax Law Series: Tax Issues Related to Cannabis
Wind Down a Closely Held Business


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