ICLE | Courtroom Advocacy Workshop: Appearances and Motion Hearings
Courtroom Advocacy Workshop: Appearances and Motion Hearings
10/19/17 Plymouth | CLE: 4.75 | Level: Basic/Intermediate
Cosponsored by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Become an Expert Advocate in the Courtroom

Whether you’re new to litigation practice or just want a refresher, this interactive workshop provides the tools you need to succeed in the courtroom. Get guidance from judges and court staff on conferences; dive into the mechanics of summary disposition motions and motions to compel; and work with top Michigan litigators to decipher the main points to argue. Walk away more confident and prepared than ever before.

Plus, all attendees receive ICLE’s Michigan Rules of Evidence and Trial Objections at a Glance—a laminated chart for quick courtroom access to every rule of evidence and authority for common objections.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Identify procedures for courtroom appearances and what court staff expect
  • Take steps to adequately prepare for status and settlement conferences
  • Recognize key points to include in successful summary dispositions
  • Present persuasive and concise arguments at your next motion hearing
  • Network with top Michigan litigators and judges
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