ICLE | Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults
Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults
| CLE: 0.5 | Level: Basic/Intermediate

Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults is epidemic. Lawyers can help by identifying at-risk clients and preventing exploitative situations. Advise clients on how to balance independence and dignity with safety. Pursue civil remedies to stop abuse and make your client whole again.

Watch and learn to:

  • Identify vulnerable clients who may be at risk for financial exploitation
  • Recognize abuse of trust by adult children, acquaintances, and caregivers
  • Formalize caregiver arrangements and limit access to funds to prevent exploitation
  • Detect common scams and exploitative sales techniques
  • Allege the proper causes of action to recover in a civil suit
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Maria Messina talks about "The Grandparent Scam," where a caller tricks an elderly person into...
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