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Robert's Story
I've considered the Partnership is an absolute necessity since I subscribed. The immense value for my practice compared to the relatively low expense makes the Partnership a no-brainer. I simply wouldn't have been able to do what I have done without it. Not only has it helped me so much in my primary areas of practice, it allows me to step out of my comfort zone. Divorce cases are often intertwined with other areas, such as estate planning and bankruptcy. I can easily find an answer for my divorce client through The Partnership, which increases my value as an advisor to that client.

The Partnership has been critical to my survival as a solo straight out of law school. In my first few months I had many questions and wondered for weeks if I had made a huge mistake. Then I found the ICLE Partnership which gave me the nuts-and-bolts practical information I needed and how to approach a case step-by-step. I had learned to research and argue a legal issue in law school, but ICLE's resources helped me learn how to practice law. With The Partnership, both my competence and confidence increased exponentially.

I love that the Partnership resources are Michigan-specific, constantly being updated, and are practical-oriented. I continually get help tackling a new issue without spending too much time. I've referred to the ‘Obtain a Default Judgment of Divorce’ How-To Kit almost every time I've handled an uncontested divorce case. I find the Kits very useful to scan through to make sure I haven't missed anything before starting or wrapping up a case. They're a huge time saver because they teach you so much in so little time.

—Robert A. Switzer, Robert A. Switzer, Attorney at Law, Taylor

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Our Partners Rave
"A jewel for Michigan lawyers."
Ravi Kumar Nigam
Ravi Nigam
Ann Arbor
The ICLE Partnership gives me the ability to quickly come up to speed and assist clients with their issues in a wide range of areas....

"Everything is right at your fingertips."
Jennifer M. Harvey
Harvey Legal Group PLLC
Ann Arbor
The ICLE Partnership is absolutely fabulous. When I have a question, I search the website and find information that is applicable to my practice immediately....

"Having the Partnership is a must—a no-brainer!"
Katie Lynwood
Buhl Little Lynwood & Harris PLC
East Lansing
The ICLE Partnership is an incredible resource and time saver. The online and in-person seminars, formbank, How-To Kits, and Online Books each provide a different...