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Ravi's Story
The ICLE Partnership gives me the ability to quickly come up to speed and assist clients with their issues in a wide range of areas. It also allows me to get in-depth knowledge in particular areas of law. I have been very happy with my experience with The Partnership which I consider a jewel for Michigan lawyers. I believe Michigan lawyers are very lucky to have such a treasure of knowledge and help available at their fingertips.

The Online Books provide in-depth knowledge of the law along with forms and other materials; they are a starting point for my investigation into many issues as they quickly direct to the statutes and case law that are relevant to the inquiry. The in-person seminars allow networking with fellow lawyers. The online Community as it provides quick feedback from knowledgeable lawyers.

The Partnership allows me to expand the services I can provide to my clients. The Partnership is the cheapest (and best) way to keep abreast of the law and to expand your areas of expertise.

—Ravi Kumar Nigam, Ravi Nigam, Ann Arbor

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Our Partners Rave
"Allows me to help more people, and be more successful."
Timothy D. Batdorf
Tim Batdorf PC
Years ago, I realized that to be successful I had to be willing to say 'yes' more, take smart risks, and learn new things....

"Allows me to confidently represent my clients."
Julie A. Paquette
Law Office of Julie A. Paquette PLC
Bloomfield Hills
The Partnership allows me to confidently represent my clients when I am competent in a particular area of law, but lack sufficient practical experience. I...

"You can get the experience and wisdom of hundreds of practitioners all in one place."
Natalie Alane
Alane Family Law PLC
I love the ICLE Partnership because when everyone else is sound asleep, I can always turn to it for answers. I can't think of a...