Our Partners Rave
Natalie's Story
I love the ICLE Partnership because when everyone else is sound asleep, I can always turn to it for answers. I can't think of a time I haven't gotten the answer I needed because there is such a breadth of resources in the ICLE Partnership.

Subscribing to the ICLE Partnership is like going to a seminar a day for a decade. But, instead of having to do that, you can just sign on any time and get the experience and wisdom of hundreds of practitioners all in one place. The online books are a wealth of information, and How-To Kits are an immediate go-to resource.

—Natalie Alane, Alane Family Law PLC, Lansing

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Our Partners Rave
"Your overhead is your rent, your utilities, and your ICLE. It's essential!"
Odey K. Meroueh
Meroueh & Hallman LLP
"I opened my own firm. At the time, people said, 'Don’t do it.' Now I tell others, 'You can do it, too.'"

You just need to...

"Having the Partnership cuts our costs because we save hours of research time."
Bernhardt (Chris) D. Christenson III
Christenson & Fiederlein PC
ICLE's Partnership will save you tons of time, which will save you tons of money. Plus, you'll deliver something professional for your client every time....

"Like having a mentor in your office."
Tara J. Peterson Miekka
Crenshaw Peterson & Associates PC
Since I've become an ICLE Partner I have become more confident in my abilities and more secure. For my first hearing, I looked at a...