Your Michigan Primary Law Research Service
MI Law Online is the one stop for all your Michigan legal research needs. With one simple subscription you can access Michigan cases, rules, updates, new law analysis, and links to Michigan statutes and state and federal agencies, courts, and legal resources.
MI Law Online Includes:
  • Michigan Supreme Court opinions from 1942 to present
  • Michigan Supreme Court orders from 1966 to the present
  • Michigan Court of Appeals published opinions from 1965 forward (since the inception of the Court of Appeals)
  • Unpublished court of appeals cases from 2003 forward (as PDF files)
  • Current Michigan Court Rules and amending orders from 1995
  • Current Michigan Rules of Evidence and amending orders from 1995
  • Michigan Rules of Professional Responsibility
  • Links to other Michigan and federal primary law resources, including Michigan statutes at the Michigan Legislature's website
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