Closely Held Business Entity Formation
Closely Held Business Entity Formation

Navigate the Complexities of Forming a New Business Entity

Whether you specialize in business law, real estate, or estate planning, you should be prepared to form a business entity for a client. Assess the options and avoid pitfalls with ICLE’s unique online training.

See how successful Michigan practitioners structure a company that satisfies client needs and protects their interests. Focus clients on difficult future issues. Walk through a governing document’s clauses, tailoring its terms to the client. Get tools like a Michigan-specific chart to help clients navigate their business entity choices.

Apply what you’ve learned to other hypothetical clients, and review expert answers for immediate feedback.

You Will Be Able to:

  • Guide clients through difficult decisions by exploring their experience, goals, and resources
  • Advise clients on when to seek input from CPAs, insurance agents, lenders, and other experts
  • Recommend the most appropriate entity structure for the client’s business
  • Draft governing documents that clearly define control and ownership rights
  • Work with a CPA to structure the business to minimize the tax impact on the client
  • Position yourself to retain the business as a client in the future
CERTIFICATE. Earned entirely online. Self-paced training leading to a certificate of completion. Includes video instruction and demonstrations, guided self-assessments, and downloadable forms. Price is for an individual one-year subscription.
Hear from a few of the top Michigan business lawyers who helped develop ICLE’s newest online certificate.
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