Elder Law Certificate Program
Elder Law Certificate Program

Earn a Certificate of Completion and the Assurance of Extensive Training in Elder Law

More than 40 elder law experts guide you through best practices in every critical area: capacity/incapacity, government benefits, long-term care, and more. Complete 49 online lessons at your own pace, in any order. Come back time and again to revisit key details.

It’s an unparalleled value that will give you the confidence to exercise sound judgment and avoid common pitfalls.

How You'll Benefit:

  • Practical skills—get a complete foundation in every critical area
  • Two-year online subscription—build skills on your timetable
  • Realistic scenarios—apply what you’ve learned and compare your answers to the experts’
  • Targeted practice tools—work smarter using checklists, forms, and at-a-glance charts
  • Certificate of completion—earn a certificate in 35-60 hours
  • New optional lessons added annually—keep your skills sharp and address emerging issues
Self-paced online training program. Includes video instruction and demonstrations, guided self-assessments, and downloadable forms. Citations link to Michigan caselaw, statutes, and court rules. Price is for an individual two-year subscription.
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