ICLE | Michigan Family Law, Seventh Edition
Michigan Family Law, Seventh Edition

Your Comprehensive Guide to Family Law

According to top practitioners, Michigan Family Law is the book every Michigan family law lawyer should have. It’s a comprehensive, detailed reference on all aspects of family law. Get advice, strategy, sample pleadings, and analysis of leading cases and controlling statutes. Find answers to virtually any family law question.

With this book, you will be able to:

  • Draft pleadings that your judge and your client will appreciate
  • Identify successful discovery and trial techniques
  • Follow proper appellate procedure in a domestic relations appeal
  • Find creative solutions to child custody and support problems
  • Avoid mistakes in dividing property--especially retirement benefits
  • Know how to respond to a bankruptcy filing by one of the parties
  • Have a thorough grasp of the tax issues affecting your client's divorce
  • Understand how domestic violence, immigration, and paternity issues may impact your client
  • Comprehend the mechanics of a child protective proceeding
  • Navigate cases involving Indian children and military families
  • Develop a plan for marketing your law practice and billing clients

1860 pages, 2-volume, 7x10 paperback. Includes a download of forms. Current to 05/01/19. Next update May 2020. Subscription service available.

Fully searchable and continually updated. Citations link to Michigan caselaw, statutes, and court rules. Includes online index, downloadable forms, and summary of changes. Price is for a one-year subscription.

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