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How to Use My Toolbar

What's Included

MY TOOLBAR puts the ICLE resources you use most often just a few clicks away no matter where you are in My Resources. Click a heading under MY TOOLBAR to open that function (the minus sign is in front of the heading when it is open rather than a plus sign) and follow the prompts.

  • My Core Areas takes you to the Core Area pages you use most.
  • My Favorites allows you to add an ICLE book, chapter, on-demand seminar, form, or other resource that you want to be able to get back to quickly or frequently.
  • My Saved Searches lets you save searches you’d like to reuse.
  • My Seminars provides quick access to your current seminar registrations.
  • My Training links to all your Online Training subscriptions.
  • My Downloads takes you to any downloadable seminar materials, print book forms, or software you have access to.
  • My Notices lists important notices about your ICLE products and services.
  • Section Resources provides member access to resource pages some State Bar of Michigan sections have on ICLE’s website.

My Core Areas

  1. Click open My Core Areas.
  2. Click Manage Core Areas.
  3. Check the box next to practice areas you want to have quick access to and click SUBMIT.

Now you can click on the core area you want most frequently from most pages in My Resources under MY TOOLBAR, My Core Areas.

My Favorites

On the page of an ICLE book, chapter, on-demand seminar, form, or other resource that you want to be able to get back to quickly or frequently, click ADD TO FAVORITES.

To delete favorites you no longer need:

  1. Click open My Favorites.
  2. Click Manage Favorites.
  3. Click the box next to any resource you no longer need to list in My Favorites and click DELETE.

My Saved Searches

  • On the results page of a search you’d like to save, click Save your search.
  • When you want to run the same search again, you can access it under My Saved Searches under MY TOOLBAR. Searches are saved for 90 days.
  • When you run a saved search, it runs a new search using the terms you saved. You might see slightly different results if new items have been added to your resources (new cases, seminars, forms, etc.).
  • Click Manage Saved Searches to remove any searches you no longer need. Click the box next to any searches you want to remove and click DELETE.

My Seminars

UPCOMING SEMINARS lists live seminars that you have registered to attend that haven’t yet occurred or that are occurring today. You’ll be able to access the seminar materials here 48 hours before the seminar.

  • Click Details to go to the store page to see the description of the seminar, view the full schedule, and get directions.
  • Click Edit to make changes to your seminar registration. (See Seminar Policies regarding permitted changes.)

RECENT ON-DEMAND SEMINARS lists recent seminars that you have registered for recently purchased to watch online.

  • Click View Seminar & Materials to watch the seminar.

See How to Use On-Demand Seminars for more help.

My Training

Any subscriptions you have to Online Training products will be listed here. Click Launch to go to the training.

My Downloads

  • Click on the download title to go directly to the download page for that item.
  • Click Manage Downloads to see a list of all the downloads available to you.

PDFs of materials from live seminars you register for are available 48 hours before and for 90 days after the seminar. Downloadable forms from print books you own and downloadable software products are available until the next update.

Product-related downloads are available online for a limited time and only under the purchaser’s username and password. To access the files in the future, save them to your computer or network by following your system's prompts.

My Notices

When ICLE needs to send you important information about your products and services, it will appear under My Notices until the notice has been opened. The date of the notice is also listed.

  • Click on a specific item to read that notice.
  • Click Manage Notices to see a list of all your notices. From this page you can delete notices:
    • Check the box next to any notices you want to delete.
    • Click DELETE.

Section Resources

If you are a member of a section of the State Bar of Michigan that has a resources page on ICLE’s website, it will be listed here.