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Seminar Policies

Registration and Confirmation

ICLE sends registration confirmations and access instructions via e-mail within two hours of purchase. If you register online, you can print a receipt when you register.

Registration for an on-demand seminar allows access for one viewer. ICLE does not offer firm or group registration pricing for On-Demand Seminars because it is generally a better value for a group to buy the Partnership. Attendance exceptions for ICLE cosponsors and educational organizations are part of the negotiated agreement with each organization.

Attendance at Live Seminars

Advance registration holds your space and your seminar materials for the first 15 minutes of the seminar. Walk-in registrations are permitted on a space-available basis or if advanced registrants fail to claim their seat in the first 15 minutes of the seminar.

You must register by noon the day before a seminar for your name to appear on the sign-in sheet. If you register after this point, please bring your printed receipt to the seminar.

Access to On-Demand Seminars

Partners can view an on-demand seminar that is included in their subscription without prior registration. All others must register for an on-demand seminar before receiving access. Access to an on-demand seminar is generally available for three years after posting.

Cancellations and Transfers

Advance Cancellations for Live Seminars

For most live seminars, you will receive a full refund when you notify ICLE of your cancellation two weeks before the presentation for which you are registered. Cancellations made less than two weeks before your selected seminar will be assessed a $25 handling fee.

Cancellations on the Day of a Seminar

No refunds will be made for cancellations the day of the presentation or later, but you may substitute within the firm or transfer to another location or to an on-demand seminar (if available) at no penalty. Those who do not attend the seminar cancel by default and will not receive any refund.

Certain live seminars (generally annual institutes and limited enrollment skills training seminars) have their own cancellation policies, which may provide no refunds for cancellations within one or two weeks of the seminar date. Consult individual seminar brochures or the ICLE website or call ICLE at 877-229-4350 for questions about a particular seminar.

Cancellations of On-Demand Seminars

Purchase of access to an on-demand seminar may not be cancelled for refund.


For live seminars with alternative locations, you may transfer to another location if space permits and you notify ICLE of the transfer request by the date of the presentation for which you originally registered. Before the live event, you may also transfer your registration to view the on-demand seminar if there is one.

Persons with Disabilities

ICLE would like to make all seminars accessible to you. If you require special arrangements, please contact ICLE at 877-229-4350 no later than seven days before the seminar.

Registration Fees and Discounts

ICLE Partners

Both the Premium and the Basic Partnership include access to 175+ On-Demand Seminars providing first alerts and insight into legal change. The ICLE Premium Partnership also includes free in-person attendance at 12–15 Partnership seminars. ICLE Partners receive discounts on seminars not included in their subscription. The number of attendees who may attend Partnership seminars in-person varies by firm size.

Cosponsoring Section Members

Certain seminars that are cosponsored by a particular section of the State Bar of Michigan have discounted registration fees for their section members.

Lawyers 0 to 3 Years in Practice

Most seminars have a discounted fee for lawyers who were licensed within three years before the date of the seminar.

Law Students

Most seminars are offered to law students at reduced rate. Please call ICLE at 877-229-4350 for the applicable discounted rate.