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MI Law Online Search Tips

Quick-Start Guide

See the MI Law Online Quick-Start Guide for basic information about how to search for cases and rules and find subsequent history of cases.

Refine Your Search Results

  1. Scroll to the top of your search results page.
  2. Change your original terms or add new terms or phrases.
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the search box. Your new search results will appear on your screen. See also Search Tips.
  4. To sort the search results by court (or by type of rule), click on any of the links under RESULTS BY TYPE. The number in parentheses after each link is the number of search results for that type.

Advanced Case Search

  1. Under SEARCH CASES, click advanced case search.
  2. Enter your search term in the search box.
  3. Select the collection or collections you would like to search by clicking the checkbox by the collection.
    Note: Unpublished opinions cannot be searched in Advanced Case Search.
  4. Under Limit Results to: use any or all of these fields to limit your search.
    Note: For PARTY, search for only one party name at a time.
    Note: The CITATION field will return only opinions that exactly match the citation you type. Do not include the year of decision in this field.
  5. Click SEARCH. Your search results will appear on your screen.

See also Search Tips.

Search for Subsequent History and Other Michigan Cases That Cite a Case

To find the subsequent history for a case using search:

  • Basic search: Search for the case name with quotes around it—for example, "People v Whitehead". This retrieves both published and unpublished cases and decisions, even those released after the docket number has changed (e.g., after remand).
  • Advanced search (for fewer results): Use the Advanced Case Search and put one party's name in the PARTY box. (Note: Advanced search will not return unpublished cases.)

To find the subsequent history of a case you are viewing, or a later published Michigan case that cites the case you are viewing, click TRACK THIS CITE. The subsequent history in TRACK THIS CITE does not include unpublished decisions or decisions released after the docket number has changed (e.g., after remand). To find such decisions, try the basic search or advanced search described above.

Find the Official Cite

To find the official cite of a case, click on TRACK THIS CITE. The official cite will appear under Cite, and you can easily copy and paste it into a separate document.