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MI Law Online FAQs

What is MI Law Online?

MI Law Online is an online primary law research service provided free to ICLE Partners and online book subscribers. It is also available to others on a subscription basis. MI Law Online primary law resources combine with ICLE's how-to resources to provide a uniquely valuable service.

Can I Share My Username and Password for MI Law Online?

ICLE will give each lawyer and legal assistant in your firm a unique username and password for use in your research and law practice. You may not share that information. If you have any questions about appropriate usage, call ICLE at 877-229-4350.

What Resources Does MI Law Online Include?

MI Law Online includes the following collections of resources:

  • Michigan Supreme Court opinions from 1942 forward
  • Michigan Supreme Court orders from 1966 forward
  • Michigan Court of Appeals published opinions from 1965 forward (since the inception of the court of appeals)
  • Unpublished court of appeals cases from July 1996 forward (as PDF files)
  • Current Michigan Court Rules and amending orders from 1995
  • Current Michigan Rules of Evidence and amending orders from 1995
  • Michigan Rules of Professional Responsibility
  • Links to other Michigan primary law resources, such as the Michigan legislature's website

Is MI Law Online Updated Regularly?

Yes. New cases and court rule changes are added as soon as the opinions and orders are available from the courts. We check the court’s website daily.

Can I Search Federal Cases and Out-of-State Cases Using MI Law Online?

No. MI Law Online does not include federal or out-of-state cases.

Can I Do Advanced Searching in MI Law Online?

Yes. You can search the full text of the published opinions or narrow your search by date, party name, opinion author, or full citation. There is no advanced search available for the unpublished opinions or any of the rules. See the advanced search tips.

Can I Shepardize the Cases?

No, but you can see a list of Michigan cases in the MI Law Online database that cite the case you are viewing. This list is presented as links, so you can jump to those other cases. Simply click on TRACK THIS CITE, under the case name. See search tips for more information.

Do Cases Include Syllabuses and Headnotes?


Does MI Law Online Include Official Citations?

Yes. MI Law Online displays the official cite for each case as soon as the citation is available. Click on TRACK THIS CITE to get the full citation that you can easily copy and paste into a separate document.

Can I Cite to a Particular Page of the Cases?

Yes. The cases include the official (Mich/Mich App) page numbers and page breaks. Look for [Page __] in the body of the case.

Does MI Law Online Include NW Cites?

Yes, to the first page (primary) NW citation.

How Can I Find the Most Recent Cases, Statutes, and Rules Quickly?

The most recent cases, statutes, and rules are listed on the MI Law Online home page. You can also quickly view a list of the past three months of cases by court type, rule changes by rule type, or other changes in Michigan law by using the links on the left.

Does MI Law Online Include a Collection of Michigan Compiled Laws?

No, but we link to the Michigan legislature's site, which is an excellent tool for searching and browsing current statutes. See the list of HELPFUL LINKS.

Do the Cases Include Links to Other Resources?

Yes. The cases contain links to other cases in the MI Law Online database as well as to Michigan statutes and Michigan Court Rules, Rules of Evidence, and Rules of Professional Responsibility.

Can I Print a Print-Friendly Version of a Case?

Yes. Click on PRINT.

Who Can Answer My Questions?

Please refer to these helpful tips for finding cases or rules. Or you can e-mail your questions to mlo@icle.org or call ICLE at 877-229-4350 Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm.