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How to Use Court Rules of Michigan Annotated Online

What’s Included

Court Rules of Michigan Annotated includes the Michigan Court Rules and thousands of case annotations. This online book also includes

  • Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Code of Judicial Conduct
  • Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan
  • Rules for the Board of Law Examiners
  • Administrative Orders
  • Local Court Rules

Except for the local court rules, you can search all of these materials simultaneously by search terms or by rule number on the book home page. You can also browse the rules by chapter.


Enter your search terms or rule number in the search box and click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search box. If you don't find what you are looking for using particular search terms, first check to make sure you typed the search term correctly and then try using a synonym. For more advice on searching, see Search Tips.

When you navigate to the material you want, you can use search highlighting or your browser's find function to locate your search terms in the text.


To browse a chapter of the Michigan Court Rules or one of the other sets of rules, select the chapter or rule type from the list. You will see a list of the rules for that chapter or type. Click on the rule of your choice.

Using the Index

You can access an index of topics in the Michigan Court Rules from the book contents page by clicking on the index link at the end of the list of MCR chapters and other rules.

Use the letter links or scroll down the page until you find the index entry you want. Click on the rule number beside the index entry to move directly to the relevant MCR.

Using the "Current To" Date

All rules, administrative orders, and code sections in this online product are updated daily by ICLE staff with any new amendments. The Current To date reflects the date through which amendments have been received. The amendments to the court rules are reflected in the History section following the individual rule with links to the amending orders. The case annotations are updated at least every two weeks.

If a court rule change has been adopted but is not yet effective, the page for the court rule will carry a prominent notation to alert you.

Printing a Rule

The Court Rules of Michigan Annotated online book includes a printer friendly option for each rule. This feature allows you to print any rule without the images at the top and side of ICLE's website. Just click PRINT at the top of the rule's page.