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How to Use an SCAO Form

What’s Included

SCAO Forms includes all State Court Administrative Office–approved forms, including District Court forms, Circuit Court forms, Michigan Court forms, Friend of the Court forms, Probate Court forms, and Family Division forms. ICLE thanks the State Court Administrative Office for providing us with the forms.

ICLE updates the forms as changes are made by the SCAO.

Technical Requirements

To view and print the forms, you must first install a copy of Adobe Reader.

Search and Browse

To search or browse for SCAO Forms, click on SCAO Forms under QUICK LINKS. This will take you to a page where you can access

  • search for only SCAO Forms,
  • a list of Recent Revisions to Forms,
  • lists of forms by court, and
  • lists of forms by topic.

For best results in searching, use a term from the SCAO form title or enter the SCAO form number, such as MC01 (no spaces will give better results). Results will appear in order of relevance. To view the form, just click on the title. See Search Tips for more advice on how to get good search results.

Clicking on a court or topic will take you to a list of titles, in SCAO-numbered order. To view a form, just click on the title.

Fill Out and Save Forms

You can fill out an SCAO form online, save the completed form on your computer, and print it. To save the completed form on your computer, you must use Adobe Reader 7 or higher (a free download) or Adobe Acrobat Professional (a product available for purchase; for more information, see the Adobe website).

To print the forms, you must use the Adobe Acrobat print button, not your web browser's print function.

You can either open an SCAO form online, fill it out, and save or print it while you're connected to the Internet or download it to your computer and fill it out later when you are not connected to the Internet.