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How to Use a Checklist

What’s Included

These handy, trustworthy tools help you complete a distinct task or navigate a process or transaction with confidence. Save time and know that you won’t miss an important step or issue with easy-to-scan and easy-to-use checklists. Besides a step-by-step list they include brief commentary and sources for more information.

"Last Reviewed" and "Last Updated"

The Last reviewed date indicates the last date on which the checklist was reviewed for currency. If checklists are changed and updated, we add a Last updated date as well, so that you can tell which checklists have changed.

Search and Browse

To search, enter your search terms in the search box. To search for a phrase, put the words in quotation marks. If you enter a contributor’s name as a search term, you will find the checklists contributed by that person. Results will appear in order of relevance.

If you don't find the checklist you are looking for using particular search terms, first check to make sure you typed the terms correctly and then try using a synonym. For more advice on searching, see Search Tips.

You can also browse (see a list of) checklists by practice area and topic:

  1. Under Resource Type, click on Checklists.
  2. Under Browse by Practice Area, click on a practice area.
  3. This will take you to a list of topics in that practice area. Click on a topic to see a list of checklists.
  4. The Contents list shows all the subtopics for that topic and allows you to go directly to a subtopic.
  5. To view a particular checklist, click on the title.