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Print Book and Software Policies

Subscription Service for ICLE Print Books

ICLE book prices cover the book's main text plus all supplements or updates necessary to bring the book up to date as of the date of purchase. Most ICLE books are supplemented on a periodic or annual basis.

When you purchase an ICLE book, you are considered a subscriber unless you indicate otherwise on your order. As a subscriber, you will be sent and invoiced for future supplements or updates at a discount, and you will have an opportunity to purchase subsequent editions at a substantial discount. Late fees will be charged on overdue balances. You may cancel your subscription at any time by notifying ICLE in writing. All return privileges apply.

90-Day Policy

If we publish a supplement, update, or new edition of a book or software within 90 days of the date you purchase that book or software, you will automatically receive the supplement, update, or new edition free. The 90 days are calculated from the date we actually publish the supplement or new edition, not from any advertised or planned publication date. Actual publication dates may vary from planned dates.


Discounts may not be combined.

ICLE Partners

Partners receive a 10 percent discount on all books and software products (supplements and updates excluded). Log in when purchasing online to be sure to get your correct pricing automatically.

ICLE Seminar Attendees

A 10 percent discount is offered on all ICLE books if purchased at a live ICLE seminar presentation of which the purchaser is a registrant. Individual supplement and update purchases are not included.


A 20 percent discount on ICLE products is extended to schools, colleges, law school libraries, public libraries, bar association libraries, legal aid organizations, and book sellers.

Bulk Purchases

Purchasers of 11 or more copies of a single title receive a 20 percent discount.

Refunds, Returns, and Replacements

If within 30 days of purchase you are not satisfied with any ICLE print book, you may return it in unmarked condition for a refund of the purchase price (not including shipping). If your book is defective, please alert ICLE and we will replace it.

Software products made available by online download may not be returned for refund once downloaded. Please read the system requirements carefully before downloading. If any downloaded file is defective, please alert ICLE and we will replace it.

ICLE automatically issues refunds for overpayments of $15 or more. Due to the cost of processing refunds, refunds less than $15 may only be applied to current outstanding balances.

Forms Downloads

Many ICLE print books include a download of the drafted forms in the book in word processing format. Customers receive an e-mail notice explaining how to download the forms from ICLE's website for books they have purchased, or the forms are included on a CD that is shipped with the book. Important note to bookstores, libraries, and associations: A download of forms is not provided for bookstore purchasers or for public, college, and school libraries and associations, including bar associations, for the use of their patrons or members.