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How to Use My Resources

What's Included

When you log in at www.icle.org using your unique username and password, you will be taken to My Resources. This is the access point for all the ICLE online resources that you have purchased or that are included in your subscriptions. If there are resources to which you think you should have access that aren't visible here, call ICLE at 877-229-4350 Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm.

This page offers various ways to find your resources:

  • CORE AREAS pages help you easily find all resources available within each of the 10 core practice areas.
  • RESOURCE TYPE lets you look at just one type of resource.
  • MY TOOLBAR lets you customize what you want quick access to (see How to Use My Toolbar).
  • Browse by any practice area (see details below).
  • Search (see details below).

Browse Within My Resources

  • To browse through all of the ICLE online resources you own, click the down arrow next to Select a practice area and select a practice area. This will take you to a list of topics for that practice area.
  • Results are grouped by subtopic and type of resource (Online Books, On-Demand Seminars, Formbank, etc). A Contents box on the right allows you to go straight to a specific subtopic.
  • To locate a specific term on the results page, press Ctrl+F (Command+F for Mac), enter a word or phrase you want to find in the box, and click on the arrow or Next to find your exact terms throughout the content.

Search Within My Resources

To search through all of the resources you own (Online Books, On-Demand Seminars, Formbank, etc.) for a specific term or terms, type your search terms into the search box and press enter or click on the magnifying glass icon.

To view search results by product type (Online Books, On-Demand Seminars, Formbank, etc.), click on any of the links under RESULTS BY TYPE on the search results page. Note that the search results include only those products you have access to. For more help searching, see Search Tips. You can also use advanced search from My Resources by clicking advanced search under the search box.