Submitting Your Photo and Biography

How ICLE Features Your Photo and Biography

ICLE is pleased to feature contributor biographies on our website. Your ICLE online content will link to your photo and biography and to your firm’s website. If you are contributing to a printed book or seminar with printed materials, your photo and biography will appear in print as well. You will also be included in ICLE’s searchable contributor directory. In addition, ICLE frequently showcases contributors on our website and Facebook page and in various newsletters and promotional materials.


Please note that a biography is required for every contributor. An ICLE staff member will contact you to request your biography and photo. General guidelines are as follows:


The photo should be a color, high-resolution (300+ ppi) head shot in either .TIF or .JPG format.


  • Please provide your name as you want it to appear (i.e., using middle initial, suffix such as Jr., etc.).
  • The text should be a single paragraph, 200 words maximum.
  • The paragraph should start out with a sentence describing your practice or listing your practice areas. Follow this with any previous or recent positions and significant achievements. Then list your most important professional memberships and associations, awards and honors, teaching or speaking experience, and publications.
  • Along with your paragraph, please provide the URL for the link to your firm’s website.

Feel free to contact the ICLE staff lawyer working with you at any time if you have questions.