Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Contribute

What is ICLE and how do contributors fit in?

ICLE provides practical resources for and by Michigan lawyers. With the help of our volunteer contributors, we create and deliver reliable, time-saving how-to resources that are critical to success in practice. We are always looking for new contributors to help us bring innovative content and fresh perspectives to the Michigan legal community.

What are the required qualifications for contributors?

ICLE is looking for Michigan lawyers with substantial expertise and practice experience in a particular subject area. We generally look for at least five years of experience, but for some of our smaller or more specialized resources that may not be necessary. For more on the particular types of products we offer and the contributor qualifications for each of them, see the Product Essence Chart.

Ways to Contribute

What are the different types of contributions?

ICLE offers numerous opportunities for both written contributions and oral presentations. Contributors can work on small pieces of content, such as drafting a sample form, a How-To Kit (step-by-step guidance on common transactions or tasks), or a set of Top Tips in Ten Minutes (brief, Web-based presentations on practical topics), or on larger projects, such as drafting a book chapter or participating in a seminar. For more on the particular types of products we offer and the contributor qualifications for each of them, see the Product Essence Chart.

Does ICLE need particular contributions right now?

See the Become a Contributor page for a list of our current needs.

How do I decide which type of contribution is right for me?

If you enjoy public speaking and have great presentation skills, presenting at a Live Event or in an On-Demand seminar (recorded in the ICLE studio) may be for you. If you enjoy writing, one of our written resources (How-To Kit, Top Tips in Ten Minutes, or a book or book chapter) may be a good fit. You should also consider the amount of time you are willing to spend, initially and in the future. For more on the particular types of products we offer and the contributor qualifications for each of them, see the Product Essence Chart.

How much time is involved?

It depends on the type of contribution. Smaller contributions (like Top Tips in Ten Minutes or forms) can take only a couple of hours, while larger contributions (new book chapters or seminar presentations) can be a months-long process. ICLE staff will be there to help every step of the way. Many of our online resources are continually updated, so authors have an obligation to work with ICLE lawyers to review and revise their work into the future. For more on the time commitments for particular products, see the What to Expect page for each type of resource.

Who will work with me?

You will always work with an ICLE lawyer to develop and hone your contribution, and you may also work with other contributors as coauthors, editors, or co-presenters. ICLE staff will help you with things like your biography and photo, expense reimbursement, and submission of seminar materials.

How do I contact ICLE to discuss possible contributions?

Visit the Get Started page to submit a suggestion for a topic and tell us about your interests, your background, and your prior writing or presentation experience. Please note that ICLE content development plans depend on what is happening in the courts, the legislature, and the practice of law, as well as the needs of Michigan lawyers. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that your idea for a presentation, chapter, or other new content will ultimately become an ICLE resource or provide an opportunity to contribute.

Why Contribute?

What’s in it for me?

Volunteering for ICLE is a great way to give back to the legal community and get exposure. ICLE’s products and services are used by thousands of practitioners; more than 2,000 people visit our website each week. Check out Getting the Most Out of Contributing for ICLE to learn more about the benefits of working with us. Some of the concrete benefits include:

  • Getting recognized as an expert and building your practice through referrals
  • Complimentary access to certain resources
  • Specific training resources developed specifically for ICLE contributors, such as On Camera with ICLE, which demonstrates how to improve your performance on camera
  • Various types of promotion by ICLE, such as inclusion in our Contributor Directory, on our Facebook page, and in print and online marketing campaigns

Contributor Support

Where can I find ICLE staff lawyer contact information?

Visit the Contributor Resources page for a list of ICLE staff lawyers as well as their areas of coverage and contact information.

Will I be reimbursed for my expenses?

ICLE generally reimburses contributors for meal, travel, and lodging expenses incurred as a result of contributing for ICLE. We will send you more information regarding reimbursement as necessary.

Can I use my contributed materials elsewhere, like on my firm website?

ICLE’s policies vary depending on the type of contribution because most of our resources are available only to ICLE Partners as part of a paid subscription. An ICLE staff lawyer will be able to provide answers to questions about reuse of a specific resource.

Can I use a presentation I gave elsewhere for ICLE?

Yes, but you must have permission from the original publisher or organization.

Can I get CLE credit in other states for my work?

Depending on your state’s rules, you may be allowed to get CLE credit for the work you have done as a contributor for ICLE. On request, ICLE can help you obtain documentation to submit to your state for CLE credit.

How do I update my photo and biography?

Your photo and biography appear in ICLE’s Contributor Directory and via a hyperlink on your name at the top of any online resource you’ve contributed. If you’d like to provide us with a new photo or updated biographical information, please send an e-mail to

When are my materials due?

Questions about specific deadlines should be directed to the ICLE staff lawyer working with you on your Live Event, book, online resource, or other project. You can find a list of lawyers and contact information on the Contributor Resources page.

Will I be paid?

As a self-funded nonprofit organization with limited staff and resources, we rely on our volunteer contributors. In certain circumstances, we may offer a small honorarium for new book chapter authors and book editors.

What can I do to promote myself once I become an ICLE contributor?

In addition to the several ways ICLE promotes you as a contributor, there are many ways for you to capitalize on your contributor status:

  • Add a description of your contribution to your firm’s website biography or your social media profiles.
  • Depending on the type of contribution you’ve made, you may be able to showcase a portion of the content on your personal or firm website.
  • Increase your exposure by liking ICLE on Facebook. You can comment about your experience as a contributor or even post pictures if you spoke at a Live Event.
  • Advertise your ICLE contributor status with a digital badge on your website or in your e-mail signature. If you work on a book, you can use a JPEG image of the book cover on your website. The ICLE lawyer working with you can help with this.