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Daryl C. Royal

Daryl C. Royal Attorney at Law
Dearborn, Michigan

Daryl C. Royal specializes in worker’s compensation appeals, Social Security disability federal court actions, and other appeals. His solo practice celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015. Mr. Royal has been involved in several major appellate worker's compensation decisions over the last few decades, handling appeals for both employees and employers and gaining an appreciation for the positions of both sides as a result. He has written several articles for legal publications and became coauthor of "Worker’s Compensation in Michigan: Law and Practice" (ICLE) with Edward M. Welch with its fifth edition. This book has become the leading authority on worker’s compensation law for attorneys, adjustors, and law students across Michigan; and Mr. Royal was proud to join the team and build on what Mr. Welch created. Mr. Royal has also served as an expert witness in civil cases with worker's compensation issues. In addition to his appellate practice, he serves as a confidential intermediary for the Wayne County Circuit Court, helping to facilitate reunions between adoptees, birthparents, and siblings separated by adoption, work that provides immense satisfaction given a personal connection to the work.