What to Expect: Drafting a How-To Kit

What Is a How-To Kit?

A How-To Kit gives lawyers step-by-step guidance on accomplishing a task. The kit includes complete instructions plus links to applicable legal authority and sample forms.

Benefits of Contributing a How-To Kit

  • Boost your credentials and be recognized as an expert
  • Hone your writing skills
  • Share your unique perspective
  • Receive complimentary access to ICLE’s entire collection of How-To Kits

Contact with ICLE Staff

  • An ICLE staff lawyer will
    • explain the process to you in detail,
    • send you a publishing agreement to review and sign,
    • provide you with a template and drafting guidelines,
    • work with you to edit and finalize your How-To Kit, and
    • send you a link to the kit posted on the ICLE website.
  • An ICLE staff member will request your biography and high-resolution photo for the ICLE website.
  • Feel free to contact the ICLE staff lawyer working with you at any point during the process if you have questions.

Time Commitment

Depending on the complexity of the subject of the How-To Kit, the initial drafting process can take four to six hours. The editing process can take a few more hours.

Continuing Obligations

How-To Kits are continually updated. That means that if there are changes to the law that affect the content of the How-to Kit, an ICLE staff lawyer will contact you with suggested edits to the kit. You review and approve those edits.

Outside of the continual updating process, the How-To Kits are reviewed annually. You review the kit overall and make any necessary updates. An ICLE staff lawyer will contact you when it is time for the annual review.