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Rebekah Page-Gourley

Institute of Continuing Legal Education
1020 Greene St
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Phone: (877) 229-4350
Fax: (734) 763-2412

Rebekah Page-Gourley works with ICLE contributors to draft, update, and edit ICLE publications and online resources in the civil litigation and appellate practice areas. She leads contributor recruitment, communication, and recognition efforts geared toward maintaining a robust and diverse contributor base. Ms. Page-Gourley also develops new products and directs initiatives surrounding content and process improvement, customer research and satisfaction, and outreach to law students and new lawyers. Before joining ICLE in 2008, she practiced municipal and employment defense in Farmington Hills, MI. Ms. Page-Gourley is a member of the State Bar of Michigan and its Administrative and Regulatory Law, ADR, Appellate Practice, and Litigation Sections.

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