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Michelle R.E. Donovan

Esperance Donovan
21 N Main Street
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043
Phone: 586-436-7357

Practice areas: Real Property, Business Law

Michelle R. E. Donovan advises cannabis companies regarding medical and adult-use marijuana licensing, regulatory, compliance, business entity formation, and litigation. Along with national experience, Ms. Donovan has an extensive background with Michigan's Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing and Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act and has successfully assisted clients with the process of applying for prequalification and license qualification status. She obtained the first licensed provisioning center in Oakland County and filed the litigation successfully challenging the State of Michigan's cannabis supply regulations and case of first impression on behalf of a medical marijuana patient for access. Ms. Donovan is frequently in the media for her expertise and knowledge and was recently featured on Michigan's Cannabis Industry Association cover for "Women Power and Industry" and feature article.

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