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        March 7, 1996


Amendment of Michigan Court
Rule 7.205

        On order of the Court, the following amendment of MCR 7.205
was adopted on March 7, 1996, to be effective April 1, 1996.
        The rule is amended to read as follows:

Rule 7.205       Application for Leave to Appeal
(A)     [Unchanged.]
(B)     Manner of Filing. To apply for leave to appeal, the
        appellant shall file with the clerk:
        (1)-(3)  [Unchanged.]
        (4)      1 copy of certain transcripts, as follows:
                 (a)-(g) [Unchanged.]
                 If the transcript is not yet available, or if
                 there is no record to be transcribed, the
                 appellant shall file a copy of the certificate of
                 the court reporter or recorder or a statement by
                 the appellant's attorney as provided in MCR
                 7.204(C)(2). The appellant must file the
                 transcript with the Court of Appeals as soon as
                 it is available.
        (5)-(8)  [Unchanged.]
(C)-(G) [Unchanged.]

STAFF COMMENT: On January 26, 1996, MCR 7.205(B)(4) was amended to
require the filing of transcripts with applications for leave to
appeal in additional circumstances. The March 7, 1996, order
clarifies that if the transcript is not yet available a court
reporters' or recorders' certificate or attorney's statement may be
filed, comparable to the procedure in appeals of right. See MCR

[The staff comment is published only for the benefit of the bench
and bar and is not an authoritative construction by the Court.]