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Angie's Story
"You need a trustworthy resource," says Martell, the founder and managing partner of her firm. "Before I do anything, I check the Partnership to make sure that I know what I need to know as a Michigan lawyer."

This is critical for Martell, who started her Michigan practice a few years ago after a long and successful career in New York.

"The Partnership keeps me up to date on cases and cutting-edge issues," she says.

It also helps her save time, establish trust, and serve her clients efficiently. "At the end of the day, it’s your reputation and your name on the line," she says. "The Partnership has made all the difference."

—Angie Martell, Iglesia Martell Law Firm PLLC, Ann Arbor

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Our Partners Rave
"The Partnership has increased my competence and confidence exponentially."
Robert A. Switzer
Robert A. Switzer, Attorney at Law
I've considered the Partnership is an absolute necessity since I subscribed. The immense value for my practice compared to the relatively low expense makes the...

"We consider the Partnership to be one of our practice necessities."
Steven A. Harms
Rochester Hills
We've cut costs quite a bit in recent years, but consider the ICLE Partnership to be one of our practice 'necessities,' like court rules and...

"You can get the experience and wisdom of hundreds of practitioners all in one place."
Natalie Alane
Alane Family Law PLC
I love the ICLE Partnership because when everyone else is sound asleep, I can always turn to it for answers. I can't think of a...