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Stephanie's Story
The Partnership provides a convenient way to effectively do research because I can use it anywhere at any time. The resources are very well organized and provide great examples and forms so I can easily grasp new concepts. I like the breadth and depth the Partnership provides. If there is an area of law where I need to learn more, I can view seminars or browse through the Online Books. If I have a task to do but don't exactly know how to begin, I can use a How-To Kit. Who does not need that type of assistance?

—Stephanie S. Washington, Law Office of Stephanie Washington PLLC, Southfield

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Our Partners Rave
"Your overhead is your rent, your utilities, and your ICLE. It's essential!"
Odey K. Meroueh
Meroueh & Hallman LLP
"I opened my own firm. At the time, people said, 'Don’t do it.' Now I tell others, 'You can do it, too.'"

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"The wide range of coverage allows the attorney to respond intelligently to client inquiries."
James J. Harrington III
Harrington Law PLC
In today's complex legal world it is impossible for attorneys to keep up with the daily evolution without a resource such as the ICLE Partnership....

"A jewel for Michigan lawyers."
Ravi Kumar Nigam
Ravi Nigam
Ann Arbor
The ICLE Partnership gives me the ability to quickly come up to speed and assist clients with their issues in a wide range of areas....