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Probate/Estate Planning

Upcoming Seminars
Live 05/11/16
Geared specifically to estate planners, stay current on business tax issues to create business entities that generate superior fiduciary income tax results. Add value to clients with estates under $5 million and more for larger closely held businesses.

Live 05/12-14/16 | Electronic Materials
ICLE’s most comprehensive educational event of the year! Get updates on all of the significant probate and estate planning developments and stay on the cutting edge of practice with tools to handle the most challenging estate and tax planning issues.

Live 06/23/16
Learn the best solutions to the range of issues found in drafting for an estate under $5 million using a hypothetical case study as part of this hands-on seminar in the Probate and Estate Planning Certificate Program.

On-Demand Seminars
Presented 06/15/13 | Electronic Materials
ICLE's most popular Institute includes materials from dynamic national speakers and talented Michigan experts covering key federal tax changes, joint trusts, and effectively dealing with aging clients, plus materials from new, innovative breakout tracks.

Presented 12/03/15 | Webcast |
Understand trustee duties and liabilities under the Michigan Trust Code, investments from the fiduciary perspective, issues involving real estate held by the trust, the obligation to inform and report to beneficiaries, and trust distributions.

Presented 03/07/16 | On-Demand Webcast
Even after the U.S. Supreme Court decided Obergefell v Hodges, many issues remain unresolved for same-sex couples. Handle custody and parentage issues, advise unmarried couples, and be culturally competent in how you work with clients.

Presented 03/13/14 | On-Demand Webcast
Get expert advice on recent estate, gift, and income tax developments, including portability. Learn the steps you need to take in 2014 and beyond to prepare estate plans that benefit your clients and avoid common pitfalls.

Presented 04/06/16 | Webcast |
Learn to effectively deal with complex matters unique to older clients, clients with disabilities, and their families. Covers incapacity and powers of attorney, Medicaid and VA benefits, special needs trusts, and guardianships and conservatorships.

Presented 11/18/14 | On-Demand Webcast
Learn about how to administer digital assets in a decedent's estate. Understand the different types of assets, service provider provisions for access and how terms of service agreements fall short. Draft for access now, before legislation is in place.

Presented 02/13/14 | Webcast |
Respond to the rapid changes in estate planning that affect your documents. This perennially popular and valuable program gives you sample forms covering caregiver contracts, gun trusts, Ladybird deeds, and more.

Presented 02/12/15 | Webcast |
Respond to the rapid changes in estate planning that affect your documents. This perennially popular and valuable program gives you sample forms covering portability, joint trusts, powers of attorney, and more.

Presented 02/18/16 | Webcast |
Respond to the rapid changes in estate planning that affect your documents. This perennially popular and valuable program gives you sample forms covering portability, irrevocable of trusts, digital assets, and more.

Presented 04/19/16 | On-Demand Webcast
Insulate your trusts from probate and administration challenges. Draft flexible trusts that anticipate changes in circumstances, memorialize the settlor's intent, and deal with nonprobate assets and personal property.

Presented 09/11/15 | Electronic Materials
Get the electronic materials and select recorded segments with practical coverage of the hottest elder and special needs topics featuring leading experts in the field, including gerontologists, mediators and successful practitioners.

Presented 04/30/15 | On-Demand Webcast
The cost of overlooking intellectual property issues is high to your client and to you, the estate planner. Learn the steps you can take to protect your client’s IP rights, how to transfer these assets, and most important, when to call an IP lawyer.

Presented 04/30/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Learn to make retirement assets payable to trusts, use Roth IRAs, Roth 401Ks, traditional IRAs, and 401Ks to benefit your clients, master the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules, and effectively handle post-death administration issues.

Presented 12/30/14 | On-Demand Webcast
Same-sex marriage laws are changing rapidly. Learn where we are in Michigan after DeBoer. Understand estate planning issues with adoption when drafting in a non-recognition state, how benefits are affected, and how to draft flexible instruments.

Presented 05/21/14 | On-Demand Webcast
Get proven estate planning strategies for second marriages. Learn to create enforceable prenuptial agreements, counsel blended family clients, and tailor your estate plans to protect your client's assets and provide for their loved ones.

Presented 01/14/16 | On-Demand Webcast
Navigate the profoundly changed planning environment with expert advice on when to elect for portability and whether and why to use a two-trust or a joint trust plan.

Presented 11/18/14 | Webcast |
Learn the "minimum distribution rules," the key to maximizing the value of your clients' retirement benefits, and how to successfully integrate retirement benefits into the typical estate plan, including a handy checklist of over 200 planning ideas.

Presented 11/17/15 | Webcast |
Options to finance education include § 529 plans, § 2503(c) trusts, § 2503(e) payments, Crummey trusts, UTMA custodial accounts, and health and education exclusion trusts. Grasp the benefits and risks of each to help your clients achieve their goals.

Presented 12/21/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Adapt your practice to the most recent Michigan fiduciary litigation cases, including undue influence, creditor's rights, interpreting ambiguous and unambiguous trust documents, and real property issues.

Presented 02/26/15 | Webcast |
Learn estate administration procedure from start to finish. This seminar provides the essentials on what procedures to follow and forms to fill out from opening the estate through closing the estate.

Presented 10/01/13 | Webcast |
Learn each step of the estate planning process from an all-star faculty, including client intake, tax basics, planning for spouses, minors, and joint property, and drafting customized wills, trusts, DPOAs, and PADs. Includes sample documents and forms.

Presented 11/06/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Holding business interests in trust has its advantages but can also create a tax disaster. Avoid losing S corporation status, advise trustees, and plan for a smooth transition from the business owner to other family members or key employees.

Presented 03/10/15 | On-Demand Webcast
If your client receives means-tested benefits, you must understand special needs trusts—the difference between a first- and third-party trust, funding and tax issues, and when to get the court involved in the establishment of an SNT.

Presented 07/16/15 | On-Demand Webcast
The landmark Obergefell v Hodges decision legalized same-sex marriage and will have a dramatic effect on Michigan. Advise your clients on how the decision impacts family law, probate and estate planning, employment law, tax law, and real property.

Presented 08/27/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Creating an enhanced life estate with a Lady Bird deed can be a great tool for estate planning, but only if you know when and how to do it. Our experts break it all down so that you can add this to your toolbox.

Presented 04/22/14 | Webcast |
Protect your clients with the latest Medicaid updates and an analysis of how the DOMA ruling affects government benefits. Learn best practices for filing Medicaid applications and discover winning strategies for litigating Medicaid cases.

Presented 04/22/15 | Webcast |
Protect your clients with the latest Medicaid updates. Anticipate upcoming changes regarding SBO trusts, get the judges' views on jurisdiction and capacity issues, and learn how to work with your assistant to maximize Medicaid workflow.

Presented 04/27/16 | Webcast |
Protect your clients with the latest Medicaid updates. Advise clients on partnership long-term care policies, draft airtight postnuptial agreements for Medicaid clients, and work effectively with hospital discharge planners when time is of the essence.

Presented 12/10/13 | Webcast |
Protect your clients' accumulated wealth and deal with the ever-challenging estate tax landscape. Learn tax planning techniques, including gifts and trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs), and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax planning.

Presented 09/18/14 | On-Demand Webcast
Learn when you should choose a pooled account to protect your disabled clients’ assets, understand the benefits and drawbacks and how to establish a subaccount, and learn how the trust can be used to improve the quality of life for your disabled clients.

Presented 09/11/14 | Webcast |
Learn the nuts and bolts of the tax returns you might file for an estate. Our experts and their sample completed forms help you avoid common problems, make the most of post-death elections, and prepare returns (the 706, 709, and 1041) like a pro.

Presented 06/14/14 | Electronic Materials
Get materials to help you stay on top of the "gotcha" areas in your practice. Handle elder law and increasingly sticky income tax issues, and more. Whether new to practice or a seasoned pro, these materials are for you.

Presented 06/20/15 | Electronic Materials
Whether new to practice or a seasoned pro, the institute materials cover all of the significant developments so you’ll stay on the cutting edge of practice and effectively handle the most challenging estate, trust, and tax planning issues.

Presented 01/04/16 | On-Demand Webcast
Successfully navigate the probate court's unique procedural issues. Differentiate probate court proceedings from typical civil actions. Initiate an action, handle contested proceedings, and manage discovery and ADR issues.

Presented 09/22/15 | On-Demand Webcast
To run a successful estate planning practice, you need to get clients, be efficient, and deliver high-quality services. Give your clients the best customer experience. Create better documents faster with trained staff and drafting software.

Presented 03/12/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Get expert advice on strategies to step-up basis and maximize capital gain treatment, determine whether a client still needs a marital trust or a credit shelter trust, and create a flexible estate plan using joint trusts and trust protectors.

Presented 03/14/16 | On-Demand Webcast
Estate planners: take advantage of the latest tax law developments in discount planning, basis reporting strategies, and intentionally defective grantor trusts. Know when to use joint trusts and plan for same-sex couples after Obergefell.

Presented 03/10/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Get up to date on the Achieving Better Life Experience (ABLE) act and explore the possibilities for its use. Understand how it can allow a disabled person to save money without jeopardizing government benefits while appreciating the act’s limitations.

Presented 04/20/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Estate and trust plans may be invalidated when undue influence is detected. See how to assess issues of undue influence to litigate these cases effectively. Apply insights of experienced litigators.

Presented 06/23/15 | On-Demand Webcast
Dementia or other cognitive impairments can make even an adult vulnerable to undue influence. Protect your vulnerable adult clients from undue influence while shielding their estate plan from undue influence challenges.

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