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       October 23, 2000


Interim Amendment of Rule 3.208
of the Michigan Court Rules 
(Allocation and Distribution of Court-
Ordered Monies on Friend of the Court


            On October 12, 2000, this Court entered an order that amended Rule 3.208 of the
Michigan Court Rules on an interim basis, effective January 1, 2001.   On order of the Court,
subrule 3.208(C)(3) is further amended to correct a clerical error and to read as set forth below. 
The balance of the order dated October 12, 2000, remains unchanged.

ICLE Editor's Note:
[Italicized, bracketed text] indicates text that has been deleted.
Bold text indicates new text.

Rule 3.208  Friend of the Court

(C)   Allocation and Distribution of Payments.

   (3)   If a payer with multiple cases makes a payment directly to the friend of the court
            rather than through income withholding, the payment shall be allocated among all
            the cases unless the payer requests a different allocation in writing at the time of
            payment and provides the following information about each case for which
            payment is intended:

            (a)   the name of the payer,

            (b)   the name of the payee,

            (c)   the case number, and

            (d)   the amount designated for that case.