ICLE | 40-Hour General Civil Mediation Training (Feb/Mar 2013)
40-Hour General Civil Mediation Training (Feb/Mar 2013)
02/28-03/23/13 Plymouth | CLE: 33.75 | Ethics: 1 | Level: Basic

Registration for this training is now at capacity. A Fall training is open for registrations.

Rethinking your career focus? Want to apply your problem-solving skills outside your law practice? Time to acquire new skills and freshen your approach? This award-winning,* SCAO-approved,** hands-on training is for you!

Whether you plan to mediate cases, reinvent your practice, serve on boards of organizations, do volunteer work, or just become a better lawyer, this top-notch training will meet your needs. Facilitative mediation is an entirely new approach to reaching agreement—it's nothing like litigation, arbitration, or old-style mediation. This program is the best mediation skills training offered anywhere in Michigan and consistently earns our highest ratings year after year.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Build your mediation skills as you participate in demonstrations, hands-on role-plays, and discussion
  • Get direct feedback from our expert faculty in a limited-enrollment environment
  • Return to the office with a binder of SCAO-approved seminar materials to help you successfully establish a mediation practice
  • Breakfast and lunch included on-site each day

Training includes:

  • Listening skills
  • Moving past impasse
  • Risk assessment and reality testing
  • Mediator opening statements
  • Negotiation coaching
  • Reframing/Role plays
Available Formats
*Winner of an Association of Continuing Legal Education Administrators Best Award for a CLE Program.

**Attendance at all 40 hours is required to qualify for court appointment. Supervised experience is also required. See MCR 2.411(F)(2).
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